The Annex offers a wide variety of training programs for all competitive levels and athletes.We believe every athlete is different and must be trained differently in accordance to their personal needs as well as the individual needs of their sport. Therefore, programming is done on an individual level for each athlete to maximize results. Prior to the start of their training each athlete undergoes a comprehensive functional movement screen and overall athletic assessment in order to accurately determine any postural or muscular imbalances that may lead to dysfunction and injury as well as identify any limitations. 

Functional movement screen

copyright 2008Each athlete begins their training process by completing a one-on-one comprehensive Functional Movement Screen and overall athletic evaluation. These evaluations are used to gain a better understanding of each athlete’s personal needs by assessing their overall body composition, range of motion, muscular imbalances, functional strength, sport specific speed as well as power.

Prior to any training begins, athletes map out training goals to help provide personal focus throughout their training process. From there our training programs are designed strictly on an individual basis in order to cater to the needs of each athlete based on personal and sport specific demands.

Evaluations also determine any previous performance training knowledge from other training facilities or coaches as well as the athlete’s injury history. It is important that athletes have the basic understanding of the training process and what is expected of them in the program. These assessments are also a means of tracking an athlete’s progress throughout their training process.


ANNEX Team Training applies the same exceptional performance training for teams who wish to train together. Whether at The ANNEX or on location, The ANNEX can help serve your team in all aspects of performance training.

0O9F1263-EditProgram benefits:

  • Increased Maximal Strength
  • Increased Sport Speed & Agility
  • Increased Power Output
  • Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Decreasing Injury Potential
  • Motivation through Educational and Game Time Preparation
  • Improved Self-Confidence and Mental Toughness
  • Team Building and Character Building


“Mickey just want to thank you for your patience, approach and expertise in the area of strength and speed training. For the last seven off-seasons we have sent our players to you at the Annex. I can say with complete confidence that their training with you has prepared them individually as players, and us as a team for each baseball season. I have noticed an improvement in agility, coordination and strength, along with the positive effects it has had on baseball skills. We hope to continue our relationship with you and your staff at the Annex in off-seasons to come.” National Coach of the Year – 2003 & 2007