KateMc Box Jump-XLWant to step up your level of training? You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from training at the ANNEX.

Created for the athlete in all of us, this program has been developed through the same fundamental strengths of our Sports Performance Training.

The ANNEX’s Personal Training Program provides men and women the same experience, training environment, and programs as our high school, college and professional level athletes. We have created a scientfically based training protocol that is geared towards fat loss, strength and power development, cardiovascular training, core strength and flexibility. Our staff will work with you to set specific goals and how to get exactly where you want to be.

At The ANNEX you can have all the resources of our athletes at your fingertips.


Our Semi-Private training sessions allow our athletes to utilize individualized programming while in the setting of other motivated, hard working athletes. Groups typically do not exceed a 1:5 coach to athlete ratio. Athletes are put through our one-on-one comprehensive Functional Assessment and regular progress checks in order to develop their  individualized programs.