Each athlete begins their training process by completing a one-on-one comprehensive Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and overall athletic evaluation. These evaluations are used to gain a better understanding of each athlete’s personal needs by assessing their overall body composition, range of motion, muscular imbalances, functional strength, sport specific speed as well as power.

Prior to any training, we map out training goals with our athletes to set the stage for personal focus throughout their training process. Our training programs cater to the needs of each athlete based on personal and sport specific demands.



EVerything under one roof

We now have the level of facility that caters to all the needs of all of our athletes, from pros to an elementary school student just discovering the love of soccer. The centerpiece includes a 50-yard expanse of turf, a dedicated weight room, a yoga studio/stretching room, onsite physical therapy, and just more room for everyone to enjoy.