recently featured Annex Athlete Sterling Gibbs for his promising start on the University of Connecticut basketball team.

Meet Sterling Gibbs, UConn’s sharp-shooting mercenary who could be the key to the season

By Kels Dayton, Staff

(WTNH)–UConn newcomer Sterling Gibbs is a college basketball mercenary.

He’s a 6-2, 185-pound, cold-blooded, sharp-shooting, walking scoring run in the mold of The Microwave or Jamal Crawford.

He’s also a one-and-done, shooting star or flash-in-the-pan, now playing in Storrs thanks to the NCAA’s controversial graduate transfer rule, which Mike Krzyzewski  once called “a farce.”

If you’re a diehard UConn fan, you probably already know Gibbs’ backstory. The younger brother of former Pittsburgh guard Ashton Gibbs, Sterling was a Top-100 recruit coming out of high school in Scotch Plains, N.J. in 2011.