The ANNEX Sports Performance Center Nutrition Counseling

Good nutritional habits are essential to an athlete’s success. Just as the coaches at The ANNEX believe in an individualized training regimen, we also believe each athlete has specific nutritional needs to meet their goals and to excel at their sport.

Coach Tim Laffey takes Annex athletes through an individualized nutrition program.

Coach Tim Laffey takes Annex athletes through an individualized nutrition program.

  • Fueling: How an athlete fuels his or her body translates directly on how much energy he or she can expend in training and on the field or court. We will take a look at the athlete’s current nutritional intake and adjust and modify to optimally fuel performance.  The young athlete has different nutritional needs than the non athlete, we will make sure they are getting the right amount of protein, carbohydrate, and healthy fat to make sure their training and sport goals are met.
  • Game day nutrition: Nutrient timing is an often over-looked aspect to performance.  We will create a timing structure that will make sure the athlete is ready for the gym and ready for game day.
  • Post-workout recovery: There is optimal window after working out to get the body on track to recovery. We provide recommendations on what to have after activity to keep the body on the road to recovery.
  • Keeping track and reassessing: Just as we monitor progress in the weight room by tracking sets and reps, we will hold the athlete accountable in the kitchen as well.  We will keep tracking and reassessing nutritional intake to make sure that our eating and hydration modifications are helping the athlete reach their goals.

Rate: $99 for initial consultation and assessment; $69/month ongoing (new athletes receive the initial consultation for $69 if he or she signs up on evaluation day)

To sign up contact coach Tim Laffey at 610-653-8247 or by email at