The ANNEX works closely with our physical therapy partners:

I’m just going to throw this out there – I think guys like this are the future of physical therapy.
— Mike Robertson, Robertson Training Systems

Resilient Performance Physical Therapy specializes in bridging the gap between acute rehabilitation and elite human performance.

Meet Greg and Trevor

Greg Spatz

Greg Spatz

Trevor Rappa

Trevor Rappa


Greg Spatz and Trevor Rappa earned their Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees from Columbia University, are Postural Restoration Certified, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists, and have advanced training in joint and soft tissue manipulation, and movement screening.

Greg and Trevor are performance-based physical therapists who recognize the continuum of rehabilitation to sports performance. With a comprehensive approach to optimizing movement they help address the underlying biomechanical and neurophysiological patterns that contribute to your injury or performance goals.

Formerly as a Strength & Conditioning Coach in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization, Greg worked to improve athletic performance while minimizing injury risk with professional baseball players. Greg received his BS in Health & Exercise Science from The College of New Jersey where he was a member of the baseball team.

Trevor completed an internship at the world-renowned Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning facility where he trained and studied amongst some of the best athletes and coaches on the planet. Trevor received his BS in Biology from Amherst College where he was a member of the football team.

The Resilient Difference:

  • Expertise: Our one-on-one private sessions are with a Resilient DPT, not with an assistant.
  • Education: We strive to create independence for our patients by arming them with the tools, knowledge, and web-based support to help themselves and minimize time at our clinic.
  • Fewer Visits: Outside of post-surgical cases, we typically see our patients 2-4 times per month as opposed to 3 days/week.
  • Insurance: Submit your information here to learn about your coverage details.
  • Get Back to Your Physical Goals: We are experienced strength and conditioning professionals which allows us to provide the appropriate transition for individuals returning to higher function like sports and training.