CrossFit ANNEX is the general fitness and CrossFit training portion of the Annex Sports Performance Center. If you are a retired athlete looking for a way to compete once again, hate the stuffiness of “Globo-Gyms”, or want a better way to improve your health, fitness and physique, welcome to CrossFit ANNEX. You’ve come to the right place.

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Over the years I have seen Mickey’s program for pitchers constantly evolve to remain on the cutting edge. Not only is Mickey unsurpassed in his knowledge of how to train functional athletes, his work ethic is contagious.
Harrison Marino, pitcher, Baltimore Orioles organization


/ Puttin’ on the Foil

Like a lot of guys, I can think of a line from a movie to match just about any situation I come across, especially if it’s from a movie made between 1972 and 1986 that …

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/ Get Up, Stand Up

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/ Annex athlete Sterling Gibbs hits game winner

Seton Hall University upset Villanova (ranked #3 in the nation) at The Garden today during the second round of the Big East Tournament. Annex athlete, Seton Hall Prep star, Scotch Plains native Sterling Gibbs was …

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/ Let’s Go Ruck

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/ Annex athlete Matt Daley poised for great future

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/ Slante, Chris Duignan

There’s nothing coaches like more than to see athletes succeed, to do something they’ve never been able to do before. Like getting a double-under, or, as Anne Thompson recently did, a kipping pullup. I wasn’t …

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