Individual Focus

0O9F1322-EditEvery athlete and sport must be treated differently; therefore The ANNEX focuses on the individual needs of every athlete in regards to the specific demand of their sport. Our facility applies a multi-faceted methodology that generates total athletic development, and is dedicated solely to helping maximize potential by:

  • CORE Development
  • Full Body Strength Development
  • Sport Speed & Agility
  • Body Power
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Decreasing Injury Potential
  • Motivation through Educational and Game Time Preparation
  • Improved Self-Confidence and Mental Toughness

Through training with The ANNEX, athletes will develop a firm understanding of what makes a strong athlete as it applies to their sport as well as their position. Any athlete who wants to continue their athletic career beyond high school must realize that training will be a huge part of their daily routine. Therefore, at The ANNEX we believe the importance of teaching the proper training fundamentals to each of our athletes so that they can develop better habits that will carry them throughout their competitive athletic career.

Not only will athletes be pushed physically in order to prepare for their season, but they will also be pushed psychologically. Through training, an athlete can develop a strong level of mental toughness and an increased level of self-confidence, which can improve their level of play on the field. Although athletes will never be directly trained to develop mental toughness, all types of training have an inherent quality of indirectly affecting an athlete’s level of confidence.

Team Building

Athletes tend to build confidence when they feel socially strong in their athletic environment. Part of knowing yourself as an athlete is knowing the peers that you compete with and against. The social setting at The ANNEX enables our youth athletes to gather in a highly motivational and energetic area with their athletic friends.

0O9F1270-EditFunctional Assessment

Potential athletes are admitted to The ANNEX training program by successfully completing a comprehensive athletic evaluation during which athletes are put through an extensive kinetic and performance assessment. These evaluations are used to gain a better understanding of each athlete’s personal needs by assessing their overall body composition, range of motion, muscular imbalances, functional strength, sport specific speed as well as power.

Prior to any training begins, athletes map out training goals to help provide personal focus throughout their training process. From there our training programs are designed strictly on an individual basis in order to cater to the needs of each athlete based on personal and sport specific demands.

Evaluations also determine any previous performance training knowledge from other training facilities or coaches as well as the athlete’s injury history. It is important that athletes have the basic understanding of the training process and what is expected of them in the program. These assessments are also a means of tracking an athlete’s progress throughout their training process.